Private Functions

In addition to weddings, Garden of the Gods provides the perfect backdrop to many of life's special occasions: reaffirmation of vows, anniversaries, remembrances or other commemorative events close to the heart.  With the natural romance, privacy and exclusivity of the venue, any special occasion is only limited by the creativity of the guest. What more perfect place to arrange a caterer and candle light dinner to 'pop the question' or share wonderful, life-changing news?  

Outdoor Conference & Seminars

With no distractions other than nature itself, there are a multitude of outdoor spaces to choose from. The venue is ideal for team building efforts, launching a product or proposal to a select captive audience, or rewarding an office with memorable brunch for a job well done.  

Location Film & Shoots

Garden of the Gods, with its privacy, sea and forest views, water features, giant standing stones, carvings and statues, and tropical flower gardens provides a very unique backdrop for film shoots.  When the brief calls for an on-location exotic/nature mood to backdrop a commercial or a scene in a movie, the producer has complete control over this outdoor set with no outside disruptions to contend with.